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 Dump Trucks

Dump Truck, Used Dump Truck, Dump Truck For Sale, Used Dump Truck For SaleA dump truck is a truck used for transporting loose material (such as sand, gravel, or dirt) for construction. A typical dump truck is equipped with a hydraulically operated open-box bed hinged at the rear, the front of which can be lifted up to allow the contents to be deposited on the ground behind the truck at the site of delivery.

Dump trucks are being manufacturered by various manufacturer like Chevrolet Dump Trucks, Freightliner Dump Trucks, International Dump Trucks, Kenworth Dump Trucks, Mack Dump Trucks, Peterbilt Dump Trucks, Sterling Dump Trucks, GMC Dump Trucks, Ford Dump Trucks, etc...
Types of dump trucks

There are various categories to classify the Dump trucks. They are available in various configurations which has specific task to accomplish in the process of construction material supply chain. Types of dump trucks are stated below:

Standard dump truck

A standard dump truck is described as a full truck chassis having a dump body mounted on to the frame. There is a hydraulic ram which is mounted forward of the bulkhead which raises this dump body. This is between the truck traction unit and semi trailer that is a dumb body. The tailgate of the standard dump truck is configured so as to swing on its hinges where pneumatic rams lifts the gate open above the dump body.

A typical standard dumping truck has in particular one front axle and other rear axles having dual wheels on each side. A very standard dump truck configuration of a standard dump truck has a 6 wheeler having 1 rear axle. A standard ten wheeler dump truck have 2 rear axles and tri axle has 3 rear axles. Such type of dump trucks are mostly found in the inner cities and towns and also deep in the south. A standard dump truck has a short wheelbase which makes it very movable compared to the higher semi trailer dump trucks.

Articulated dump truck

An Articulated dump truck is very distinct and different compared to semi trailer trucks. Articulated dump truck features a hinge which is located between the cab and dump box. The steering of articulated dump trucks is accomplished through hydraulic ram that revolves the whole cab. Articulated dump truck has a high amount of adaptability to rough terrain. Due to its use in rough terrain long distances, the flat surface of Articulated dump truck cause many a driveline troubles and to some extent also the failures.

The Articulated dump truck type of trucks are more often referred by people as the modern scraper meaning that running them requires a high maintenance burden compared to other trucks. Articulated Dump trucks for sale.

Transfer dump truck

A Transfer dump truck is often referred to as Slam Bang because of its peculiarity of making noise during the transfer. A Transfer dump truck is nothing but a simple standard dump truck which is known for its feature to pull a separate trailer which loads when aggregated with sand, gravel and asphalt etc.

The B box on this aggregate container is powered by an electric or hydraulic motor. This trailer rides on wheels and also rolls off by itself into the main dump box. The main advantage of having this type of configuration is to maximize the payload capacity without compromising on its working capacity. These type of dump trucks are more frequently seen in the western United States mainly due to the peculiar weight restrictions on the western highways.
Truck and pup

This type of truck is similar in line to a transfer dump because of its characteristics. This truck has the feature of a standard dump truck which pulls a dump trailer. The pup trailer is not similar to that of a transfer truck because it has its very own hydraulic ram and is a self unloading truck.


Super dump truck

A super small dump truck is very much equipped with trailing axles and a sting axle, if need which maximizes the payload.


Semi trailer end dump truck

A semi end dump truck is basically a combination of a tractor-trailer type of dump truck. This trailer contains a self hydraulic hoist. This type of a semi end dump trailer has a 3 axle tractor which has the capacity of pulling a 2 axle semi trailer. The main advantage and usefulness of a semi end dump is that it can rapidly unload.


Semi trailer bottom dump truck

A semi bottom dump truck is also known by the name "belly dump". This truck has a 3-axle tractor which pulls a 2-axle trailer with the help of a clam shell type dump gate situated at the belly of the trailer. The main advantage of this semi bottom dump truck is that it is maneuverable in a reverse state too which is different and unique of its type.
Double and triple trailer bottom dump truck
Double and triple bottom dumps can be described as a 2 axle tractor which has the capacity of pulling 1 single axle semi trailer and also an added full trailer in the case of triple trailer. These types of dump trucks allow the driver of the truck to lay the materials in windy rows without losing or leaving the cab or rather stopping the dump truck. While using this type of trucks there is only one setback that it is difficult in backing of double and triple units in a reverse state.
Side dump truck
A peculiar side dump truck has a 3-axle tractor which has the capacity of pulling a 2-axle semi-trailer. The truck consists of a hydraulic rams tilting the dump body on the sides which in turn spills the material to either of the sides of the trailer. The main amazing advantage of the side dump truck is that it allows rapid unload of the content and has plus point of carrying more weight in the western parts of U.S. It is totally unlike other semi end dump trucks which are more prone to dangers of tipping over. The tipping can be stopped well in advance if the dumping is stopped prematurely. The main disadvantage of this truck is it has limited versatility and maneuverability because of its impending length.
Off-road dump truck

Off-road dump trucks are basically and widely used off roads for mining and others like heavy dirt hauling jobs. Although these trucks resemble more like heavy construction equipment used for transferring and other processes, they do no good then making the job of mining and hauling jobs easier for people. If you have a closer look on this it might also look like an engineering vehicle. They have a good working capacity and power.

People belonging to mining industry and also the manufacturers of these machines don’t use the term Dump Truck. The best proper word used for this off road trucks is “Haul Truck”. The classified bottom of this truck would tell you how the process of material discharge takes place once it is loaded. The Bottom Dump Truck is described as the truck which discharges its content by opening 2 cam shell doors situated under the load space.

Winter service vehicles
The Winter service vehicles are made on the basis of dump trucks. They are specifically made as to allow the placing of ballast to weight the truck down and also for holding the salt from spreading all over the road.
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